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Liberty Enterprises, Inc. is a family-run business that started from scratch.

Real Estate was not what Gerald Musano, founder of Liberty Enterprises, Inc., always dreamed of doing. His career started off working in the field of construction, installing sheetrock. After several years of working, he came to own his own business.

By a stroke of luck, Mr. Musano managed to acquire several properties in Manhattan. He then left his construction business in 1981 to go into Real Estate, his newfound passion. This became the establishment of Liberty Enterprises, Inc.

Since then, Liberty Enterprises has consistently been expanding, venturing into new locations and adding new members to the company. Of course, everyone in the company is treated like family – while some actually are family. Mr. Musano’s very own son, Jarrod, is now the CEO, working side-by-side with his father and his Brother-in-Law Al Jinete. 

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Repairs are done to apartment with top quality labor and products.


Our customer service response average time is 2 days for any issues.


Liberty Enterprises Inc. is always looking for any new potential buildings.